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Ok let's go. I am Daniel Fontaneda, a lover of any kind of communication and design, a lover of good ideas, geometric shapes and black color. Enthusiastic about developing concepts by applying them the design necessary to convert them into global and thrilling projects. I'm careful with the details and I'm a self-taught enthusiast.

Rather than talk about what I have done so far, I would like to talk about the things I have enjoyed most and want to do from now on. I have known small companies that have ended up positioning themselves as benchmarks in their sector and along the way I have been by their side. I have developed ideas and projects taking them from my head to promising companies (Picpiic Inc.) and recognized and awarded products (Mi Posdata). I am passionate about tackling difficult problems and create effective solutions. I think the difficult problems produce an extraordinary job.

From now on, in London.

Contact +34 670 837 850 / +44 07871452240 Mail me